Friday, May 25, 2007

H.M. Iviron

First visit to a H.Monastery!
H.M. Iviron, one of the biggest and most famous H.Monastries, opens tis doors realtively easy.
Its location, close to the sea and around a local river, offers many opportunities but the threat for several centuries found in the name of pirates.
Huge construction, well protected, with more than 25 monks in its crew, H.M. Iviron has been under heavy reconstuction, as most of the buildings of Mount Athos. As seen in the photo, it's the the north side!
If you take a walk around, you 'll notice some signs with the establishment of every reconstucted area, which took place just the last decade. Enormous funding mostly from E.U. counted.
Apart from monks, H.Monastery consists of a special Mary's icon called Panagia Portaitissa, a rare architecture style, interesting facts concerning the everyday life inside, dozens of visitors and a lose spiritual activity, which usually starts at 4:00 a.m. None is obliged to follow, in line with Jesus messages.
The H.Monastery found in about the 10th century A.C. from monks of Georgia (Russia).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The road to Karies

From the port of Dafni, you can use the bus line to Karies for only €3!
Despite ths dusty roads, the trip takes almost half an hour while you may watch the untouched mother nature everywhere.
Noone is building wherever he likes and the physical environment is unchanged since the last time a thunder stroke, or a wildfire occured.

Dafni port

After more than an hour, depending on the weather and the wind, the ferry from Ouranoupoli finally gets at the port of Dafni, the main port of Mount Athos.
Few 4-wheel drives, goods and mostly people, monks and visitors, put their feet on the mainland.
There, apart from the Coast Guard and the Custom Service, visitors reach the bus line. Next destination usually is Karies, the Administrative Centre of Mount Athos.
There is no significant interest at the port of Dafni and it is used only as a transfer point around.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Seaway is the main transportation system around Mount Athos.
Everyday, from the port of Ouranoupoli, a ferry begins a journey to the port of Dafni and back.
The photo shows visitors and monks while waiting for the ferry to Dafni. The dock belongs to H.M. Zografou and also the H.M. Esfigmenou uses it.
From every dock, visitors and monks may walk to their destination or a 4-wheel drive waits there usually after an arrangement.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

H.M. Doheiariou

Left view of the H.Monastery Doxeiariou as the ferry from Ouranoypoli approaches only after docked for a minute at H.M. Zografou's dock.
Excellent position near the sea, the dock (the major buliding of the three on the right of the H.Monastery) and the beach.
Surrounded by the "jungle" of Mount Athos, where no woman has ever been there after the visit of the mother of Jesus, Mary!
The forest around seems untouched for the last 10 centuries!

Map of Mount Athos

Panorama of the twenty H.Monasteries found at Mount Athos since 1000 A.C.!


I have no clear idea on this newest blog... My strong interest is to help some people I met recently and my thinking suggests they need as much help as it can be provided. What I have on my mind is the Monasteries of Agio Oros or Mount Athos, where I had my first ever visit the previous week. There, I 've been impressed by the monks of the Holly Monastery of Doheiariou, a small monastery near the mainland at the north of Mount Athos, next to the sea.