Friday, May 25, 2007

H.M. Iviron

First visit to a H.Monastery!
H.M. Iviron, one of the biggest and most famous H.Monastries, opens tis doors realtively easy.
Its location, close to the sea and around a local river, offers many opportunities but the threat for several centuries found in the name of pirates.
Huge construction, well protected, with more than 25 monks in its crew, H.M. Iviron has been under heavy reconstuction, as most of the buildings of Mount Athos. As seen in the photo, it's the the north side!
If you take a walk around, you 'll notice some signs with the establishment of every reconstucted area, which took place just the last decade. Enormous funding mostly from E.U. counted.
Apart from monks, H.Monastery consists of a special Mary's icon called Panagia Portaitissa, a rare architecture style, interesting facts concerning the everyday life inside, dozens of visitors and a lose spiritual activity, which usually starts at 4:00 a.m. None is obliged to follow, in line with Jesus messages.
The H.Monastery found in about the 10th century A.C. from monks of Georgia (Russia).

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