Friday, June 22, 2007

Closer view

This photo shows the real beauty of H.M.Doheiariou from the point of view of construction.
The site used for its constuction is a downing hill, where a huge building is hidden and its size may confuse the viewer.
On the right side - outside the H.Monastery - you find the lundry, kitchen and other facilities.
Just on the left of the picture exists the refurnished dock building (called "arsanas").
On the left side, it's the crane which established for heavy and long-lasting use.
Anywhere you see blue-brown colours indicates the guest houses, these next to the sea have the ultimate priviledge, together with the large dinning room. The other stand on the top of the building next to the old-fashioned tower, which provided with the necessary sight the previous centuries against mostly pirates.

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